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Hope Air is grateful for the generosity of the many Canadians who support our Mission of Getting Canadians To Getting Better with both financial contributions and in-kind gifts.

Hope Air is proud to have the following "Friends of Hope Air"; these donors contributed $100 or more to Hope Air in the calendar year:

Flight Crew
McPhun, Don & Nan
RBC Rewards Cardholders *
Control Tower
Domb, Daniel  
Take Off
Chadwell, Karen
Ground Crew
Anonymous   MacInnis, Janet +
Bomb, Daniel   Marc, Darcy-Lynn
Bourdon, Marc   Martin, Neil
Clark, Paul +   McCague, James
Hill, Donna & Bruce +   Messier, Jean
Horwitz, Jean E.   Mohacsi, George *
Houssain Family Foundation   Patten, Susan
Ilg, Henry   Roberts, Gordon *
Kassett, Rajni   UBC Medicine Class Of 2016
Keller-Hobson, Douglas & Kathleen *   Villalobos, Humberto
Ketelaars, Jeffrey   Wengler, Gerd
Loreth, Michael   WorkSafeBC/Helping Hands
Mac Arthur, Robert  
Nesbitt, A.R. Deane   Lloyd, Tom
Abbott, Andrew & Carolyne   Locke, Dan
Adema, Jeff   MacDonald, Robert
Allegretto, Trevor   Marquis, Francois
Beck, Ken   McAllister, Susan
Belanger, Ron   McAllister, William
Bewick, David   McLean, Richard
Bishop, Lisa   Mcmackin, Jay
Blake, Grenfell   McRobie, Blair *
Burton, Jim & Dera   Meharry, Isabel
Calder, Elizabeth   Montreuil, Michel
Campbell, Bob   Murphy, Brian
Campbell, David   Norton, Kevin
Chapman, Scott   Papavramidis, Dimitrios
Chelminski, Mike   Purificati, Vince
Cochrane, Larry   Reid, Pam
Comeau, William   Ritchie, Bryan
Constable, Horace G.   Rivers, Dan
Critchley, Deanna   Rowles, Lawrence
Cuming, Brian   Schwar, Mike
Danahy, James *   Singelyn, Robert
Dilks, Charles   Smith, Benjamin
Drs. Pretorius and Kotze Inc.   Smith, Chais
Edsall, Tom   Smith, Chris
Etter, Harold and Caroline   Smith, Duncan and Graham, Kareen
Farell, Robert and Penwell, Heather   Smith, Louise
Fiske, Maryann   Sproul, Phil
Garner, Dave & Patricia   Stackhouse, Shawn
Garratt, Slyvia   Stevenson, Bob
Garver, Patrick & Hinchman, Judith   Stevenson, Rod
Gillingham, Steve   Stirling, Len
Gogan, Jim   Sutherland, George
Golbey, Dr. Michael   Tobi, Steve
Goss, Don   Turner, Grant
Hamilton, Jim   Uchman, Roy
Hammond, Whitney M.   Van Camp, William
Hunter, Robert   Waddell, Colin
Jozwiak, Nanette   Walker, Robb
Kay, Alan   Wellon, Keith & Glenda
Knight, Andrew *   White, David
Konrad, Gary Mark   Zimmerman, Alec
Lambert, Guy  
Please note that many of our Supporters have been long-term friends of Hope Air. Those Supporters with 5 years of gifts to Hope Air are designated with a “*” ; for 10 years or more they are designated with a “+”.
We respect our donors’ privacy: names will only be posted with approval. If you have donated to Hope Air and would like to provide approval for us to post your name, please email us here
(We apologize for any errors or omissions. To ask for a correction, please click here )
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