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Hope Air is grateful for the generosity of the many Canadians who support our Mission of Getting Canadians To Getting Better with both financial contributions and in-kind gifts.

Hope Air is proud to have the following "Friends of Hope Air"; these donors contributed $100 or more to Hope Air in the calendar year:

Captain's Circle
Clark, Paul +   Wengler, Gerd +
RBC Rewards Cardholders +  
Flight Crew
Bourdon, Marc   Messier, Jean
Burton, Jim & Dera   Sadler, Chris
Hogan, Michael +   Schwar, Mike *
Ilg, Henry *   Wellon, Keith & Glenda *
Keller-Hobson, Douglas & Kathleen +  
Control Tower
Brown, John   Lambert, Guy
Danahy, James +   Magnaldo, Ross
Duval, Robert   Messenger, Braden
Garner, Dave & Patricia *   Smallwood, Mike *
Hepburn, George   Zimmerman, Alec *
Knight, Andrew +  
Take Off
  McAllister, William
Anderson, Allan   McLean, Richard
Kisin, Robert *   Remy, Patrick
Mamais, Theodore   Woo, Jay
Marek, Cheryl  
Ground Crew
Ayub, Tahir   Marasco, Auriol
Bishop, Darrell & Laura   Martineau, Marcel
Bradfield, Robert R.   McKay, Donald K.
Chapman, Chris & Mary   Meharry, Isabel
Devitt, Derek *   Moon, Christopher
Erskine, James   Pangrazzi, Anna
Gamble, Michael   Papavramidis, Dimitrios
Garratt, Sylvia +   Piercey, Craig & Michele
Hodgins, Burt   Rosebrugh, Robert
Horner, Gordon *   Scheffer, Friedericke *
Hurwitz, Yola *   Stack, Andrea
Ivey Business School - Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute For Leadership (Richard Bartrem)   Van Sickle, Gordon
Laine, Michael   Welton, Stephen
Ludwig, Curtis   Wilson, Michele & Glenn
MacInnis, Janet +  
Asseltine, Geraldine   Keller-Hobson, Justin
Bell, Carole   Lopez, Tamara
Comeau, William & Helen *   Prince, James
Drodge, Lorraine   Rivers, Peter
Evans, David & Eileen   Rogers, Brian
Green, Jane S.   Samson, Linda
Hobson, Arletta   Shaw, Margaret
Ingrey, Arthur W.   Simmons, Lorraine
Johnson, David   Worthington, Cara
Johnston, Ed  
Please note that many of our Supporters have been long-term friends of Hope Air. Those Supporters with 5 years of gifts to Hope Air are designated with a “*” ; for 10 years or more they are designated with a “+”.
We respect our donors’ privacy: names will only be posted with approval. If you have donated to Hope Air and would like to provide approval for us to post your name, please email us here
(We apologize for any errors or omissions. To ask for a correction, please click here )
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