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Do you need to refer a patient to a specialist or treatment not available in your location?

The national charity Hope Air may be able to provide free flights to a confirmed medical appointment covered by a provincial healthcare plan.  

Hope Air Client Care Call Centre

416.222.6335 or toll free at 877.346.4673


Monday – Friday 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST

Closed Saturday and Sunday


Request flights online at www.hopeair.ca



    • Healthcare providers, social workers and family members can request flights on behalf of patients


    • Hope Air will arrange free flights for escorts for all minors and for adults when medically necessary


    • Hope Air will cover costs associated with flight changes due to medical reasons


    • Clients don’t have to pre-pay flights


    • Hope Air covers all airline ticket costs including surcharges and taxes. We do not cover fees charged for checked or carry-on luggage.


Eligibility criteria for free flights to non-emergency medical appointments  


    • We support lower-income children, their families, and adults who cannot afford airfare. Patients will be asked about their household income. Our process is simple and friendly 


    • A confirmed medical appointment is required


    • The appointment has to be covered by a provincial healthcare plan


    • The patient is medically cleared to fly on a commercial plane


    • Route and travel dates must be available; Last-minute flight requests will be much more difficult to fulfill.





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