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How Do I Obtain A Free Airline Ticket to Healthcare?

You can call one of our friendly Volunteers if your questions about your travel to healthcare aren't answered below.


You can also check our Quick Facts page for more information about our mission to provide free airfare for healthcare.


Client Care Call Centre

Phone 416.222.6335 or toll free at 1.877.346.4673

Email mail@hopeair.ca

Hours Monday to Friday from  9 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. EST

Closed Saturday and Sunday

Please note, flight requests can be made 24/7 on our website.


What are your eligibility criteria for free flights to non-emergency healthcare?  

  • We support Canadians in financial need who cannot afford the airfare to fly to a non-emergency medical appointment away from home.
  • A confirmed healthcare appointment is required.
  • The medical appointment has to be covered by your provincial healthcare plan.
  • You are medically cleared by your physician to fly on a commercial plane.
  • Route and travel dates are available.
  • Also have a look at our Quick Facts page.


Is Hope Air an airline?

No, Hope Air is a non-profit organization since 1986. We book flights on national and regional commercial airlines. At times, we arrange flights through our Volunteer Pilot Program or Business Aviation Program.


Where do you arrange free flights to healthcare?

We arrange flights throughout Canada, in all 10 provinces, on hundreds of routes. Some of our major departure cities include Abbotsford, Castlegar, Charlottetown, Deer Lake, (BC, Ontario), Fort McMurray, Halifax, Kamloops, Kelowna, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Regina, Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, Timmins, and Thunder Bay. Some of our major arrival cities include Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.


Do you offer air ambulance service?

No, we only provide free flights for non-emergency health care. We are not able to assist Clients who need to be on a stretcher or need medical staff travelling with them. You need to be able to sit in a regular passenger seat on a commercial aircraft.


How do I make a request for a free flight and what can I expect?

It’s best for you to request your flight request online. You will receive automated emails from Hope Air as we process your request. It’s a simple form that will take less than 10 minutes to complete. After you make your request online, you will also be contacted by one of our Hope Air Volunteers or staff. He/she will ask you for some additional information about your travel needs, including information to confirm your eligibility to fly with Hope Air.

Hope Air only serves Canadians in financial need.


Do you only accept requests for free flights to healthcare online?

No. If it is impossible for you or a family member to make your request online, please phone our volunteers at 1.877.346.4673 and press extension 1. This is a toll free number. Our Volunteers and staff will be happy to assist you.


How long does it take to process a free flight request?

Please make a free flight request as soon as possible after you have a confirmed appointment date, and we will do our best to assist you. Part of our process is to confirm with your hometown (referring) physician if you are medically fit to fly and/or if you need an escort for medical reasons. Also, we will need to confirm your appointment with the treatment facility or doctor you are flying to for this appointment. Confirming your information with your doctor’s office can cause delays. Please check our privacy policy regarding the sharing of medical information with Hope Air for these purposes.


Can a family member, guardian or escort accompany a child or an adult on a Hope Air flight?

Every Hope Air child under age 19 flies with a parent or guardian who also flies at no cost to the family. In some cases, Hope Air covers the cost of a flight for one escort who needs to fly with an adult client for medical reasons after a physician has confirmed such support is required for this person to travel safely.


What do I have to do if I need to bring oxygen on the flight?

When making a flight request, please inform Hope Air that you need oxygen on the flight. However, once we have booked your flight, you must call the airline to inquire what their requirements are for carrying oxygen on the aircraft, and whether you have to purchase it from the airline or can bring your own.


My medical appointment has been changed or cancelled. Should I call the airline or Hope Air?

Please call Hope Air immediately when your appointment has been changed or cancelled. We understand such changes are often beyond the control of patients, but please do whatever you can to help us reduce the costs of making changes to your flight schedule. Thank you! All costs associated with flight changes and cancellations are covered by the generous donations Hope Air receives from our supporters.


I want to visit a family member who has been hospitalized. Can you help?

Unfortunately we are not able to assist in this matter. Hope Air does not arrange compassionate flights. Our mandate is to assist Clients with travel to and from medical institutions to receive care they cannot receive in their community.


I already booked a bus ticket or a flight to get to my healthcare appointment. Will Hope Air reimburse me?

Unfortunately, we must arrange all free flights on behalf of our Clients and can’t reimburse you for any discount flights or bus tickets you have already booked.


Your Flight Request Form asks for my weight. Why?

In some cases, Clients are booked to fly on a non-commercial flight with a qualified pilot who owns an aircraft. These pilots are screened and part of our Volunteer Pilot Program. Prior to booking you on a non-commercial flight, we will first ask you if you are comfortable flying on such a flight in a smaller aircraft.


How do I stay in touch with Hope Air after my flight?

We encourage you to Like our Facebook page at facebook.com/hopeair to stay up to date on the latest Hope Air news, or follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/hope_air. You can sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.


How is Hope Air able to provide free air transportation to Clients who need to fly to medical appointments away from home?

Hope Air depends on the very generous support of our airline partners, foundations, corporations, community service clubs, and private donors. Some of our airline partners include WestJet, Porter, CMA, and many others. There are many ways you can help out if you are able. Visit here for some ideas!



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